Send It Stinger Styling

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As our Send It Front Bumpers are completely modular, we offer our parts piece by piece. If you’d like to you can start with the bumper base and build your front bumper from there.

The Stinger front styling is a favorite among enthusiasts and a personal favorite of our own as well.  You will notice that everyday driving has been taken into consideration with this design as the stinger itself features an angle and location that keeps it closer to the vehicle than some of the other options on the market. Keeping it tight both on and off the trail.  The shackle lugs accommodate a 3/4” shackle or a 1” shackle.

As quality is of very high importance to us, our parts go through a 2 stage powder coating process. The first layer is a zinc based primer to give additional prevention from rust and corrosion and then they are topped with a fine textured black industrial grade top coat.